007 James Bond License To Kill

Licence To Kill
Systems Featured On:PC
Released on:April 20, 1989

[edit] Licence To Kill

The powerful drug czar Sanchez has murdered your best friend's bride. So you're out to take him down. Show no mercy as you battle him on land, at sea and in the air. You'll need to take the controls of helicopters, planes and tankers. Perform death-defying stunts in midair. Even water-ski in your bare feet! The breakneck action closely follows the James Bond film. Including an exhilarating helicopter chase ... an underwater pursuit dodging harpoons ... and a high-speed demolition derby with 18-wheel oil trucks!

[edit] Levels

Scene One

Bond and his partner sweep over Sanchez, in a helipcopter, who is escaping in his jeep. You must avoid obstacles of varying height and shoot down gun emplacements while trying to stop Sanchez from escaping. At the start of the level fly as high as you can to avoid many bullets, then simply fly along shooting the jeep and other gun turrets. You do not have to destroy the Jeep, it helps a lot in the second level if you do.

Scene Two

Bonds gets out of his helicopter and begins to pursue Sanchez on foot. Be careful though Sanchez's gunmen are scattered around the level in an attempt to take you out. Your goal is to reach your helicopter once again, the best way of beating this level is to attempt to dodge the bullets and shoot the barrels in order to destroy your enemies. Note that you must enter the helicopter from the right to end the level.

Scene Three

A very simple level, you have two minutes before Sanchez escapes in his plane over US borders. You must simply attach your rope to the tail of his plane before the timer runs out. You will then parachute into the sea to continue the chase.

Scene Four

In this level you must swim for your life, you have dropped into a drug deal and are immediately pursued. Evade death until the plane lands, you must also acquire a harpoon, look for a diver and take him out. Then use the harpoon to attach yourself to the plane and escape the level.

Scene Five

In this level you must ski bare-foot behind the plane while avoiding rocks, rafts and enemy boats. Then you must slowly get closer to the plane, before boarding it and taking control, ending the level.

Scene Six

Sanchez escaped the explosion and is fleeing in a tanker, drop down from your plane and into a truck to chase him. You must destroy all tankers before Sanchez's tanker will appear, when it does ram into it multiple times to destroy it and finally kill Sanchez.

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