007 Racing

007 Racing
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Publisher:Electronic Arts
Systems Featured On:Playstation
Released on:November 21, 2000


[edit] 007 Racing

Become the one and only James Bond and use the lastest vehicles from Q-Branch in an effort to stop an evil crime lord's plans. Drive through a series of varied locales in 14 missions and hunt, eliminate and evade enemies ranging from helicopters to enemy cars. Receive new weapons systems from Q-Branch. Experience racing 007 style thanks to the Need for Speed game engine.

[edit] Cars

The games has five base model cars, these include.

  • Aston Martin DB5
  • BMW 750
  • BMW Z8
  • Lotus Espirit
  • BMW Z3

These cars are just base models, they can upgraded with thick armour, rockets, automatic weapons and oil spill dispensers. These allow for total destruction of your enemies car and provide endless hours of enjoyment.

[edit] Gameplay

There are fourteen missions in all to complete. Most require you to get from one location to another while being attacked by enemy helicopters and other vechiles. Some however require you to take down a target enemy, these are particularly challenging.

[edit] Mission List

Mission 1 - Escape to the Border.

Mission 2 - Gimme a Brake.

Mission 3 - Ambush.

Mission 4 - Highway Hazard

Mission 5 - Survive the Jungle

Mission 6 - Air Strike

Mission 7 - Escape

Mission 8 - Breakout

Mission 9 - River Race

Mission 10 - Download

Mission 11 - Submerged

Mission 12 - Showdown

[edit] Screenshots



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