Agent Under Fire Weapons


  • Wolfram P2K - Designed to be the new sidearm for the German police force, this weapon fires 9mm rounds and although not the most powerful weapon it has a great rate of fire and accuracy.
  • Windsor Viper - This large, powerful pistol delivers .44 rounds and although powerful has heavy recoil which reduces its rate of fire.
  • IAC Defender - This pistol fires .44 rounds but has a higher rate of fire than the Viper as it has a blowback system. Although it does high damage and has a high rate of fire, the accuracy is quite low.
  • Dartgun - For special missions, this gas-powered pistol shoots darts that do not kill, rather knock out enemies.
  • Goldengun - A gold replica of the Wolfram P2K, it has the same rate of fire but is more powerful. Although in Multiplayer it has the ability to kill a player in one shot.

Submachine Guns

  • Koffler and Stock KS7 - A lightweight submachine gun, this weapon has a low firepower, small clip size and terrible accuracy. It should only be used at close range due to these three things.
  • Ingalls Type 20 - Much the same as the PS7, rather it has a higher firepower and a larger clip size. It still however has terrible accuracy and is thus only useful at close range.
  • Calypso P-750 - One of the best machine guns in the game, it has a higher accuracy, rate of fire and clip size than the Ingalls and PS7.
  • Munitions Belgique PS100 - Has an exceptional rate of fire and a high accuracy. This makes it the best submachine gun in the game.
  • Kazakovich KA-57 - This gun has a slower rate of fire than most submachine guns, but has an exceptional accuracy to make up for this.
  • Windsor FSU-4 - This submachine gun has a standard rate of fire and accuracy, but it has the ability to switch to a grenade launcher. This makes it a very versatile weapon.
  • Meyer-Westlicher UGW - This gun has an average rate of fire but possesses a high accuracy, it is also equipped with a 3x scope. This allows it to be used as a semi-long range weapon.
  • Koffler & Stock D17 - This weapon has a extremely fast rate of fire as well as a high accuracy, it also has a 4x scope, making it one of the best guns in the game.


  • Frinesi Special 12 - A shotgun designed for extremely close combat, it has terrible accuracy but high firepower. Making it lethal to any enemy at close range.
  • SWZ SSR4000 - A bolt-action rifle, this weapon has the ability to shoot through helicopters and take down almost any enemy in one shot.
  • MRL-22 - A basic rocket launcher, it does not home in on enemies, but has a large blast radius that makes up for the lacking of homing.
  • Grenades - Standard frag grenades, this weapon can be used for clearing out rooms of enemies with ease.

Car Weapons

  • Machine Guns: All MI6 vehicles come equipped with standard, forward mounted machine guns. These have unlimited ammunition, but are by no means the most accurate weapon in your arsenal.
  • Rockets: These forward firing projectiles have no guidance systems, so use with caution.
  • Missiles: Vehicle mounted missiles that will lock onto the nearest target. Allow sufficient time for target to lock before firing

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