Alec Trevelyan

Alec Trevelyan
Alec Trevelyan
Appears In:Goldeneye
Portrayed By:Sean Bean

Alec Trevelyan is known as the agent 006. During a mission to explode the Arkhangelsk chemical weapon facility in the Soviet Union whilst working with his close friend 007, James Bond, he was caught and he was executed by the base's colonel, Arkady Ourumov. 007 thinks that 006 is dead so he continues the mission.

Not knowing to anybody including Bond that Alec is Lienz Cossack, in which his parents were Russian and decided to fight against their home country during World War 2, however they were betryaed by the British and sent back to the Soviet Union to be executed, but they escaped, but since they did not like to live as traitors to their country, they comitted suicide. This angered Alec once he knew about it, so in the following 9 years after his mission in Arkangelsk, he forms the Janus syndicate, the secret criminal orginization that consists of soldiers who fought for the Soviet Union. Then, in Cuba, as Alec attempts to fire the Goldeneye on London, Bond stops him as he drops him from the attena cradle.

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