Appears In:Quantum of Solace
Portrayed By:Olga Kurylenko

[edit] Background (contains Spoilers)

Camille Montes is one of the main characters in the recently-released film Quantum of Solace and is of Russian-Bolivian descent. She encounters James Bond in Haiti where she is trying to kill General Medrano, as he killed her family when she was only very little (we find out her Dad was shot, Mother and Sister were raped and strangled, and Camille was left with the scars we see on her back, as the house was set alit and so Montes suffered burns).

At first her and Bond do not get along with one another (the boat-scene for example), but eventually the two understand they both can work together to meet with their targets.

Their is rumours that Camille may return in a future-Bond film, according to Barbara Broccoli, the Film Producer for Quantum of Solace and previous Bond Films.

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