Colonel Moon/Gustav Graves

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Nationality:*Korean (Former)
  • British
Portrayed By:(As Colonel Moon) Unknown (As Gustav Graves) Toby Stevens

[edit] As Colonel Moon

Colonel (or Sangchwa) Tan-Sun Moon is a commanding officer and a weapon smuggler for the North Korean People's Army. When Moon was at a young age, his Father General Moon wanted him to become an object for better relations between North Korea and South Korea, so he was sent to Harvard in the United States and Oxford in Great Britain to study in not just capitalism but in diplomatic relations. Though, when Moon returned to his native North Korea and against his Father's wishes, he joined the North Korean People's Army and rose to the ranks as Colonal becoming a commanding officer leading the military alongside his father. On the side, Moon also developed an interest in weapon smulgging in dealing with not just high tech weapons fielded by most armies of the west, but also technology that is standardized in the west and North Korea had just begun to understand. Then, Moon was in a weapon smuggling market several miles away from the Korean Demilitarized Zone where he was about to exchange Diamonds found in the jungles of Central Africa for weapons, the west had sent special agents to this site (Including James Bond). As Moon meets Bond, he was fooled by the fake ID that Bond had flashed, but Moon's assistant Zao had revealed Bond's true identity, thus compromising Bond's mission. This escalated into a fight to escape for Bond. Moon tries to eliminate the secret agent, but ends up failing and than falls to his apparent death.

[edit] As Gustav Graves

Colonel Moon turns into Gustav Graves

As Bond was put into torture by the North Koream People's Army (and unbeknownst the NKPA, including his own Father). Colonel Moon had in fact survived his fall. He then fled secretly to Cuba where he underwent a special surgery where the human DNA can be altered. Moon undergoes this opperation which he went through unimaginable pain. After the surgery, Moon had taken up the indentity of a British man named "Gustav Graves": a cocky, ego-centric Entrepreneur who invests in several Diamond companies around the world, he's also a Champion Fencer and an Expert Martial artist. Several months after Bond was Exchanged for Zao in North Korea, Bond became obsessed by finding Zao, and after Bond investigates the DNA altering clinic in Cuba, he finds Diamonds that have Graves' insignia on it. Bond finds Graves as he parachutes to Buckingham palace to accept Knighthood by the Queen. Bond then discovers Graves during a Fencing lesson with his Publicist named Miranda Frost. Graves begins to talk to Bond like he knows him some time ago, after going several Fencing rounds Graves becomes upset and develops an intention to kill him (by fighting with real Rapiers and eventually Broadswords). Some time after, Graves secretly begins a special weapon program code named "Icarus". Though originally intended to be a superweapon, Graves designed Icarus to also double as a special sattelite device which harness the energy from the Sun to help many places on Earth with Global Climate Change and Third World Countries with food production. Then, at a special Ritz hotel in Iceland (which is made entirely out of ice) Graves shows off Icarus in a fantastic demonstration. As Graves preapairs Icarus to be used against South Korea, Bond and a NSA agent named "Jinx" infiltrate the Biodome. What Graves will soon realize that Bond has discovered the Entrepreneur's true identity. But Graves escapes to North Korea where he meets his Father once again (who barely recognizes his own son). As Bond and Jinx stow away on Graves' plane, he shows to his Father on what Icarus can do and sets Icaurs to destroy the Korean Demilitarized Zone, in hopes of the North conquering not just South Korea, but also Japan and the West. Despite his Father talking him out of using the weapon, Graves resists. Then, as Graves was being held at gunpoint by his own father, he uses Icarus' Suit to electrocute his father to incapacitation and then killed his father with his own gun. Then, Bond comes in and fights Graves. The fight was fierce, but when Graves electrocutes Bond and believes he has beaten him, Bond gains the upper hand and uses Grave's own suit to electrocute him and send him flying into a jet engine.

[edit] More about the villain

Colonal Moon was the type of villain that would do whatever to help his family, but would leave room for himself as he would study abroad in the United States and Great Britain, but would join the NKPA regardless of his Father's wishes, he would then smuggle weapons ans support vehicles from the black market to aid in North Korea's attempt to cross into South Korea. But as he encounters Bond and then "dies", Moon had to undergo the DNA altering surgery, he then became what he should be as Gustav Graves: cocky, and ego-centric. Moon also had developed permentant insomnia (a possible side effect from the DNA altering surgery) but the clinic had developed a special "dream machine" that will allow him to rest for several hours a day and maintain his sanity (this would ultimately give Graves away to his true identity to Bond). But Moon's insanity will eventually consume him when he uses Icarus against the Korean DMZ and kill his own father.

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