Die Another Day

Die Another Day
Die-another-day.jpgDie Another Day poster
James BondPierce Brosnan
Release DateNovember 22nd 2002
Directed ByLee Tamahori
Produced ByMichael G.Wilson

[edit] Plot

In the beginning 007 is set to sneak into a Korean Military base. 007 is under-cover playing as a weapon dealer. When James Bond is setting up a trade, at random, Zao's PDA shows the dealers true identity. Bond is taken hostage after they find out and is sentenced to be killed. But Bond survived the torutres and was transferred to another facility, but was found and saved by the British special services, but as Bond was seeking medical care, he escapes and fled to nearby Hong Kong. As a special friend who owns a hotel told him about the diamond that he used in Korea, Bond heads to Cuba there he finds a CIA agent named Jinx, and a secret laboratory on a small island off the coast of Cuba. As he ehads home in London, he diescovers about a self made millionaire named Gustav Graves. Bond challenges Graves to a fencing session into asking him about the diamonds, but escelated into a big fight with broadswords. Then Bond headed to Iceland, where a hotel made completely out of ice was found. Then, he finds Zao and Gustav Graves who are using a super advanced space weapon called "Icarus", Bond must stop bth Zao and Graves.

[edit] Characters

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