Dominique Paradis

300xDominique in 007 Nightfire

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Dominique is a French DGSE agent and Bond's lover. She is mostly known for being in the 007 game: Nightfire. Dominique was smitten by the Green Industrialist Rafael Drake, as she was with him during a private party inside a castle in Austria, but she us actually spying on him as she lets Bond know on what Drake is up to. She went back to the party after her rendzevous with both Bond and Zoe Nightshade in the castle library. Then she followed Drake to Japan where the Phoenix International building where it was lead by a man named Alexander Mayhew, as Bond was in Tokyo with Makiko Hayashi investigating what Drake is up to, he finds Dominique flying a helicopter near the building, but Bond's mission was compromised and she helped him escape. But this blew her cover from Drake and after Bond investigated an abandoned Nuclear reactor and was subdued by Makiko, who revealed her true colors to Bond. Dominique was killed by Makiko as she was pushed off of the Phoenix Building.

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