Electra King

Electra King
Nationality:Part British, Part Russian
Appears In:The World Is Not Enough
Portrayed By:Sophie Marceau
The Daughter of British oil Tycoon, "Sir" Robert King. When Electra was kidnapped by Renard the terrorist, her father did whatever he can to try to rescue her, then he called M to help rescue his daughter and kill Renard, but somehow Electra managed to escape from capture. Also from that point on, Electra secretly fromed an alliance with Renard. This remained a secret to all until her father was killed after Bond deleivered his money from Spain. Bond realized what is going on, and after a bomb detonated in her family's pipeline, she and her bodyguards kidnapped M. Bond was then captured and was about to be killed by Electra, until Valentin Zukovsky came and freed Boond, but after he was fataly shot by Electra, whe Bomd was free, he told Electra to call of Renard's attack, she refused and was killed by Bond.
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