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From Russia With Love
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Developer:Redwood Shores
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Systems Featured :Gamecube, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Xbox
Released on:November 15, 2005 (GameCube) - November 1, 2005 (Xbox, PlayStation 2) - April 4, 2006 (PlayStation Portable)


[edit] From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love is the videogame adaptation of the second James Bond movie. Sean Connery reprises his role as James Bond who is sent into Turkey to confiscate an encryption device, but instead walks into a trap contrived by SPECTRE. You will be able to shoot, use vehicles, and even employ stealth to kill your enemies. Gameplay will involve using your unique assortment of gadgets.

[edit] Features

  1. Play as Connery's Bond—Step into the shoes of the legendary Sean Connery, the original James Bond.
  2. Enter the World of Classic 007—Drive the vintage cars, meet the beautiful women, and visit the exotic locales, all beautifully rendered in authentic '60s style.
  3. The Best Bond Experience Yet—Fully integrated stealth and driving missions, non-linear level progression, the new zoom and focus aiming mechanic, and a deeply immersing living world add up to innovative, non-stop Bond action.
  4. Brand-New Multiplayer Mode—Third-person, split-screen death-match mode offers an engrossing social multi-player experience.
  5. Control 007 Like Never Before—A new scoring and rewards system allows you to deeply customize the equipment, skills, and abilities you'll use in action as James Bond.
  6. Classic Gadgets Made Modern—Equip yourself with an array of classic weapons and gadgets updated with unique 21st century twists.

[edit] Gadgets

Q-Copter - this is a mini helicopter that can blow up at any time bond wants it to.

Briefcase Turret - this looks like just a normal briefcase but the turret inside will kill enemies by firing its clips.

Laser Watch - this weapon can prove very useful when there is bulletproof windows, you can use this to shoot through it and open automated locked doors

Sonic Cufflinks - this weapon is like a stun grenade as when bond uses it, it explodes and emits a high pitched sound, giving you time to go and kill the person.

Serum Gun - this weapon sends the enemies into a rage.

Gasmask - this is useful when your enemies try to kill you with a gas attack.

[edit] Vehicles

Aston Martin - just like in the film, bond has the Aston martin in the game. The car is bulletproof and loaded with weapons.

Armoured Jeep - You will use this to escape from the factory. this vehicle can also be found in the multi-player mode.

Luxury Car - this looks like the typical old British car but is loaded with weapons.

Speed Boat - This is a normal speed boat fitted with a machine gun turret.

Jetpack - This doesn't get use a lot in the game but is used against the clock (big Ben).

[edit] Plot Summary

The game holds a very simple plot, it opens with a cut-scene in which you see Elizabeth Stark (The daughter of the British Prime Minister) is captured at a party by the organization OCTOPUS. Luckily the protagonist of the game, movie and novel is present, Bond had been assigned to attend the party to prevent any such happenings. Bond ultimately defeats OCTOPUS and saves Stark with ease, preventing the terrible hostage situation.

The game then takes a completely different approach to the overall plot. OCTOPUS has planned to embarrass 007 for the killing of Dr. Julius (In the film Dr. No). They steal a Soviet coding machine known as Lektor. They then plan to let Bond re-capture it, then ambush him and make him look foolish before killing him. The game finishes with Bond assaulting OCTOPUS headquarters.

[edit] Release

James Bond "From Russia With Love" was released on November 1st 2005. Within three months of release the game had sold 277,000 copies. The game was given an average rating of 7/10 on nearly all gaming sites.

[edit] Mission List

Mission 1

Based In London

James Bond must rescue the Prime Minister's daughter who has been kidnapped by Octopus at the Houses of Parliament.

Mission 2

Hedge Maze and MI6

Infiltrate the Octopus mansion by navigating through the deadly hedge maze, then receive a briefing from M and Q.

Mission 3


Bond and Kerim Bey must fight off Russian agents on the streets of Istanbul and reach Station T in one piece.

Mission 4

Station T

Russian soldiers have overrun Station T and taken prisoners. Bond must free the hostages and defuse the bombs.

Mission 5


Darkness falls on Istanbul as Bond and Kerim sneak in to the Russian Consulate whilst dodging Russian soldiers one the streets.

Mission 6


Bond and Kerim must navigate their way through the cavernous underground waterways.

Mission 7

Gypsy Camp

The gypsy camp is overrun by armed henchman and Bond must rescue the hostages and neutralise the threats facing Bey's people.

Mission 8

Sniper Alley

It's time for revenge as Bond goes on an assassination mission - and the target is Krilencu.

Mission 9


Bond must infiltrate the Russian Consulate and rendezvous with Tatiana Romanova, survive the firefight and escape with the girl and the Lektor.

Mission 10


Bond must escort Tatiana and the Lektor to a train to freedom, but the streets of Istanbul are buzzing with opponents.

Mission 11


Red Grant shows his true colours on the Orient Express, when Bond must protect Tatiana and recover the Lektor.

Mission 12


Hot on the trail of the Lektor, Bond follows Eva to a factory and smelting plant. Octopus are planning for world domination and 007 must destroy the facility.

Mission 13


Bond must take to the waves to escape Octopus and escort Tatiana and the Lektor to safer waters.

Mission 14

Octopus Base

Octopus have a nuclear missile aimed at London, and only James Bond can stop their plan by infiltrating their secret base and destroying their organisation.

There are also four secret missions in the game.

Secret Mission 1


The mission to complete is that Bond must kill all the mini-gun guards and disarm all of the bombs before they go off and kill you.

Secret Mission 2



Secret Mission 3


Kill 25 enemies with your sniper rifle. You have extra ammo and body armor available. It is highly recommend to upgrade your body armor if you prefer surviving.

Secret Mission 4


You are stuck in a parking lot. You must defeat 75 enemies with heavy armor and ammunition in eight minutes. Don't worry, both pieces of equipment respawn fairly quickly. Obviously, you'll want to upgrade your body armor before attempting this.

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