GoldenEye (N64)

Goldeneye 007
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Systems Featured On:Nintendo 64
Released on:August 25, 1997


[edit] Goldeneye 007

GoldenEye for the Nintendo64 is the critically acclaimed first-person shooter from Rare that's based on the James Bond movie of the same name. As Bond himself, you must undertake missions (faithful to the movie plot) portrayed in fully 3D, free-roaming environments and accomplish a number of objectives using stealth and gunplay.

[edit] Gameplay

As James Bond, you must run and gun your way through numerous levels while fulfilling certain objectives as you progress. Pick up useful weapons to blast against the opposing force, including fly-by-wire rockets and assault rifles. You can also have a friend along your side as you both get yourselves through the battlefield.

[edit] Introduction to the Story

The game centers around MI6 agent James Bond in his infiltration of a chemical weapons facility near to the Byelomorye Dam in the USSR. In order to infiltrate this facility James Bond is needed to Bungie Jump down to it from the Byelomorye Dam from where he will join up with his friend and fellow 00-agent Alec Trevelyan in attempt to infiltrate and destroy the facility. During this mission both Bond and Trevelyan are sprung upon by Colonel Arkady Ourumov and his men which leads onto a rally of guns firing. Bond however was able to escape though Trevelyan was not and was apparently killed by the Colonel Arkady Ourumov. James Bond was then able to run onto a plane and escape from the facilities grounds..

[edit] Other Information

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