Honey Ryder

Honey Ryder
Honey Ryder
Appears In:Dr. No
Portrayed By:Ursula Andress

James Bond stumbles upon Honey Ryder, dressed in a beige bikini on the shoreline of the forbidden Crab Key (Jamaica) in search of Dr. No. James discovers that Honey Ryder comes to the island often in search of valuable shells for sale. Honey tells Bond about her father, the marine biologist who died somewhere around the highly guarded Crab Key as he disappeared after one of his exploratory dives.

Honey, Quarrel (sidekick with ties to the CIA), and James Bond encounter the "dragon" which had been one of the fears of the great island of mystery. Honey and James are captured by Dr. No's guards after a firefight with Quarrel being the casualty. The two are given rooms in Dr. No's decorative lair, but soon pass out after drinking some coffee laced with a sedative.

When they come to, they are invited to dinner with Dr. No after getting dressed into Chinese styled clothing. Honey dresses up in a pink and silver silk Chinese dress. The two marvel at the magnificent convex glass aquarium in Dr. No's living room. At the dinner table, Bond wishes to talk business and have Dr. No let Honey go free, but Honey ends up locked up and Bond takes a beating.

Bond escapes and manages to undo Dr. No's secretive plan, while Dr. No drowns to his death. Bond frees Honey in the last few minutes as the entire structure goes up in explosions and flames. The two hijack a motorboat and after running our of gas, are picked up by Felix Leiter of the CIA. The final scene of the movie shows Bond letting go of the tow rope for a little R&R with the lovely Honey Ryder.

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