Jinx is a US operative played by Halle Berry in Die Another Day. Bond first encounters Jinx in Cuba in his mission to follow Zao whom he was traded for when he was captured in North Korea. Bond and Jinx have an intimate encounter and leaves Bond in the morning to meet with a renowned doctor in gene therapy to get to Zao. She ends up killing the doctor and attempted to blow up the confidential files including her undercover patient file which Bond later finds. Zao flees the scene in a helicopter with Jinx and Bond chasing in a firing pursuit. Jinx dives off a cliff and has a boat waiting for her getaway.

Bond meets up with Jinx in Iceland for Gustav Graves' demonstration of the Icarus, a new space station to deliver the warmth and power of the Sun's rays to the shaded part of the Earth. Jinx and Bond uncover Gustav Graves' motiv to use Icarus as a weapon and also find out Graves' true identity.

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