Makiko Hayashi

Prtrayed By:Tamlyn Tomita (The Karate Kid Part 2, The Day After Tomorrow)

Makiko Hayashi (or just Kiko) is a highly trained body guard for Alexander Mayhew who is a worker for Rafael Drake and head of Phoenix International in Tokyo. When Bond came to Mayhew and met Kiko Bond was aware of the woman's skills. Then, a huge group of Yakuza attacked both Bond and Mayhew, though Bond did liberate Mayhew's home but failed to save Mayhew himself, Kiko swears revenge for Drake as she goes with Bond to Phoenix International in Tokyo. But little does Bond know that Kiko is a former Yakuza member and was hired by Drake to watch myahew, and probably staged the attack on Mayhew at his home and even compromised Bond's covert mission, and when she rescues Bond from his mission in an abandoned Nuclear reactor she revealed to Bond her true intetions and sent him back to Phoenix International, where she kicks Dominique Paradis off of the building. After that she headed to Drake's secret base in the South Pacific. Though, she discovers that Bond has penitrated the security, she goes to the launchpad (where the launch to space has been moved), and even tries to dispose of Bond there, but Bond has turned the tabels and was caught in a shuttle launch fire.

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