Miranda Frost

Miranda Frost
Miranda Frost
Appears In:Die another Day
Portrayed By:Rosamund Pike

Miranda Frost played by Rosamund Pike is an MI6 agent who defected to help Colonel Moon of the North Korean Army. She helped billionaire Gustav Graves coordinate his unveiling of the Icarus space station which would redirect the sun's heat and light to the shaded side of the Earth. Later Bond discovers that Graves has other intentions for the use of the powerful Icarus as it is able to redirect and focus the Sun's rays to a single point at the Earth's surface causing mass destruction.

Frost has an intimate encounter with Bond (with great ease) while they attended the unveiling of the Icarus in Iceland. This gave her the opportunity to remove Bond's bullets from his gun which he always puts under his pillow.

Other than being a mole within the MI6, she was portrayed as being a world champion Olympic fencer. She trained with Gustav Graves and appeared in one scene when Bond and Graves battle it out first with fencing swords/foils and then to the larger broadswords. Madonna makes an appearance introducing Bond to Graves before the duel with a hefty wager begins.

Towards the end of the film, Jinx a US operative working with Bond enters a fight with Frost and ends up killing her with a knife to the chest.

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