Natalya Simonova


Natalya Simonova is a Level 2 computer programer that is a part of the control of the GoldenEye and is in charge of the guidence system. One day, as Arkady Orumov and Xenia Onatopp entered the control bunker in Savernaya, killed everybody in the bunker in save her. She then discovers that Orumov and Xenia are going to use the weapon to destroy Savernaya as a test of its abilites. Then, after her ordeal in Savernaya, she travels to St. Petersburg and tells her partner Boris Grechenko about her ordeal, he tells her to meet him at a church, not knowing his that Boris is now a part of the Janus Syndicate and was captured. As Bond was subdued by Alec Trevelyan, she was tied up in the Tiger helcopter along with Bond, then they escape, and caught by the Russian Politburo, who interigate them about the Savernaya incident, she told them that it was Orumov. Then, Orumov tried to have them killed, as she and Bond were trying to escape, Natalya was captured. Bond then rescues her on Trevelyan's missile train, then she and Bond escaped from the train before it exploded. She then travels to Cuba with Bond to help him destroy GodenEye and defeat Trevelyan.

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