The cover of James Bond 007: Nightfire</br>
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Systems Featured On:Gameboy Advanced, Gamecube, PC, Playstation 2, Xbox, PC
Released on:November 19, 2002 (PlayStation 2, GameCube), November 25, 2002 (PC), November 18, 2002 (Xbox), March 24, 2003 (Gameboy Advanced)


[edit] Plot

The game starts on New Year's Eve in Paris, France, where James is on a mission to stop a truck carrying a nuclear warhead with the help from a French agent named Dominique Paradis. The truck is heading towards the Eiffel Tower, but using the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish's secret weapons, he manages to stop the truck. James and Dominique are seen celebrating the new year after the mission is completed.

Bond returns when he has to break into the Austrian mountain castle belonging to Brazilian-Russian businessman Raphael Drake. Once inside the castle, Bond maintains a low profile before secretly witnessing a deal between Drake and Alexander Mayhew concerning a missile guidance chip. However, CIA agent Zoe Nightshade is brought in by Drake's guards after being found armed inside the castle. She escapes with Bond from the castle, and helps him shoot down an attacking helicopter before they continue on in an armored snowmobile.

Zoe and James seek cover in a cabin for the night, but are surprised by Drake's guards as they awake. They escape in the Aston Martin, and meet up with Q, who helps them escape out of Austria.

A screenshot from the level Double Cross.

However, after James and Zoe raised the alarm at the castle, Drake is getting suspicious about Mayhew and threatens to kill him. Bond is sent to Japan to protect him in exchange for vital information. As they approach the Aston Martin, Mayhew is killed by a ninja, who challenges Bond to a duel. Despite being armed with an M9K, a ninja sword and numerous flash-bang grenades, Bond manages to kill the ninja. Makiko Hayashi (aka Kiko), one of Drake's henchmen who is acting undercover, storms to the scene, promising she will help Bond defeat Drake.

The clue Mayhew managed to give James leads him to Phoenix International HQ in Tokyo, the corporation which Drake owns. Bond manages to get unnoticed to Mayhew's office, but is forced to jump off the roof when he is discovered. A couple of Japanese girls agree to take him to Drake's factory not far away.

Once at the factory, Bond has to collect photographic evidence of Phoenix's two projects, a space suit and a laser gun. He is, however, discovered, and has to fight his way through many snipers and workers equipped with Storm submachine guns. After taking the photos, he escapes, being picked up by Kiko in a helicopter, who knocks him out with a tranquilizer dart.

The helicopter arrives at the Phoenix HQ, where Drake plans to execute Bond and Dominique. However, his plan is ruined when the two victims retaliate. Dominique gets into a handfight with Kiko, who pushes her off the building. Bond jumps down into the elevator, and fights his from there to the lobby. He is picked up by a stranger who introduces herself as Alura McCall, Australian Intelligence.

Bond travels with Alura to Drake's private island, which they have to reach by driving the Aston Martin underwater. They are met with heavy forces at the island, but manage to get to the underground silo at the island. Here, he manages to defeat many of Drake's henchmen, even Kiko. She is killed when Bond escapes in a spaceship: She is unable to hide and is burned to ashes by the heat.

Once in space, Bond arrives at the Space Defense Platform. Drake plans to destroy the Earth with missiles, but Bond challenges him and wins. As the platform explodes, he escapes and reunites with Alura. They drink wine in the Aston Martin as fireworks appear on the sky.

[edit] Features

  1. Engage in the most complete Bond game filled with excitement and intrigue.
  2. Go higher and deeper than any previous Bond game both in locales and gameplay.
  3. All new, original single-player storyline that builds on the Bond legacy with new and familiar characters from the Bond universe.
  4. First person perspective complimented with dynamic third person camera to further highlight Bond moments.
  5. More than 10 exotic locations around the world filled with a generous offering of challenging missions and objectives.
  6. New upgradeable Q-lab gadgets, advanced camera system, and original missions including zero-gravity assignments.
  7. Fast-paced driving (console only, not in PC)
  8. Single and up to four person multi-player support via split screen on console versions.
  9. PC will support up to 32 players and feature numerous modes of play.

[edit] Weapons List

Nightfire possesses a large arsenal of weapons, ranging from pistols to shotguns and rocket launchers. As well as the standard weapons there are a number of grenades and explosives throughout the game as well as mounted turrets and rocket launchers.


  • Raptor. 50
  • Kowloon Type 40
  • Kowloon Type 80
  • Raptor Magnum .357
  • Wolfram PP7
  • Wolfram P2K


  • Frinesi Auto 12 Shotgun

Sniper Rifles

  • Tactical Sniper
  • Covert Sniper

Automatic Weapons

  • AIMS-20
  • Storm M32
  • SG5 Commando
  • Deutsche M9K

Missle Launchers

  • Sentinel Guided Missle Launcher
  • Scorpion

As you can see there are 15 different weapons, allowing for many different ways of approaching each situation. As well as this there are grenades and other explosives found throughout the game that can allow you to progress through sections of the game.

[edit] Multiplayer

Multiplayer in Nightfire is better than most other James Bond games, it supports BOTS and the AI although somewhat flawed can provided a meagre challenge. The XBox and Gamecube versions allow you to have up to 6 Bots in each game and the PS2 version only allows for 4 bots. The PC version on the other hand boasts a massive 12 bots. Players choose from a large list of characters and can unlock more characters by getting Silver and Platinum medals on different levels.

Playable Characters

  • James Bond
  • Dominique Paradis
  • Alura McCall
  • Raphael Drake
  • Kiko
  • Armitage Rook
  • Ninja
  • Snow Guard
  • Yakuza
  • Black Op
  • Phoenix Commando
  • Phoenix Soldier

Unlockable Characters

  • Renard
  • Jaws
  • Baron Samedi
  • Oddjob
  • Max Zorin
  • May Day
  • Fransisco Scaramanga
  • Xenia Onatopp
  • Christmas Jones
  • Auric Goldfinger
  • Wai Lin
  • Electra King
  • Nick Nack
  • James Bond's Tuxedo Look
  • Pussy Galore
  • James Bond's Spacesuit Look

As well as a large list of playable and unlockable characters the game boasts eight maps, some of which are from other 007 games.


  • Skyrail
  • Fort Knox
  • Snow Blind
  • Phoenix Base
  • Atlantis
  • Missile Silo
  • Sub Pen
  • Ravine

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