James BondRoger Moore
Release Date6th June 1983 (UK)
Directed ByJohn Glen
WritersGeorge MacDonald Fraser and Richard Maibaum
ProducersAlbert R. Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson

Roger Moore plays James Bond in Octopussy. This is Roger's 6th film as James bond (A MI6 secret agent), of which he did 7. The film was made in 1983 and was made from the 1966 story written by Ian Fleming. As of just now there are 22 James bond films, Octopussy was the 13th James bond film that was made.

[edit] Main Roles In Octopussy

James Bond - Roger Moore (6th bond film).

Maud Adams - Octopussy.

General Orlov - Steven Berkoff.

Q - Desmond Llewelyn

Kamal - Louis Jordon

M - Robert Brown

Miss Moneypenny - Lois Maxwell

Galley Mistress - Ingrid Pitt

Magda - Kristina Wayborn

Gobinda - Kabir Bedi

Vijay - Vijay Amritraj

Gogol - Walter Gotell

Minister of Defense - Geoffrey Keen

Gwendoline - Suzanne Jerome

Midge - Cherry Gillespie

Sadruddin - Albert Moses

Fanning - Douglas Wilmer

Penelope Smallbone - Michaela Clavell

Octopussy Girl - Cheryl Anne

British Ambassador - Patrick Barr

U.S. General - Bruce Boa

Karl - Hugo Bower

Smithers - Jeremy Bulloch

Thug - Ray Charles

South American VIP - Brian Coburn

Schatzl - Brenda Cowling

Thug with Yo-yo - William Derrick

South American Officer - Michael Halphie

Soviet Chairman - Paul Hardwick

Bubi - Gertan Klauber

Lenkin - Peter Porteous

Octopussy Girl - Tina Robinson

Octopussy Girl - Mary Stavin

Octopussy 3.jpgJames bond.jpg

[edit] Story

WARNING! do not read on if you dont want to know what happens in the film.

When 009 agent is found dead holding a Faberge egg, the British are suspicious and send James Bond to investigate. James Bond finds a connection between the priceless egg, an elaborate smuggling operation and a plot by a renegade Soviet general to instigate World War Three. He find himself looking in India where he meets Kamal Khan, who buys the egg at a high price. Bond follows him to his palace in India to find out why. Bond plays backgammon against him, and cheats the cheat, showing Khan he has the real egg, as well as winning 200,000 rupees. Khan's henchman, Gobinda , tries to get the egg back, but Bond evades him. Khan's assistant, Magda, tries to persuade Bond to hand the egg over, which he won't do, so she seduces him instead. In bed, he sees the tattoo of an octopus on her back. Magda takes the egg, while Bond is knocked out and taken to Khan's Monsoon Palace.Khan's partner, Octopussy , recognises Bond's name, and wants him brought to her. That evening, Khan, Gobinda and General Orlov meet. Bond hears part of their conversation involving stadht, and then manages to escape, despite being hunted by Khan. Identifying the tattoo as the sign of the Octopus cult, Bond visits Octopussy's island, where she wants him to team up with her. She is well disposed to him since Bond had allowed her father a honourable death some years earlier. Khan is unhappy that Octopussy won't let him kill Bond, he hires yo-yo wielding assassins to do so. Along the way they kill Bond's Indian allie, Vijay, the assassins try to carry out their task but fail miserably. Bond falls in the water and is thought to be eaten by crocodiles. The fake jewellery is discovered in Moscow and General Gogol gets on Orlov's trail. Bond discovers that Orlov is switching a container with the real jewels, which Octopussy was going to smuggle across into West Germany. General Gogol catches up with Orlov as he desperately makes a bid for the West and is shot by the border guards. Despite being forced off the train, Bond manages finally to get to the circus at its new site in a US Base in West Germany, and defuses the bomb before it goes off. He and Octopussy return to India and settle their score with Khan.

So al usual in the films bond came out on top.

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