Pussy Galore

[edit] Background

Pussy Galore is a fictional character in the film and novel Goldfinger, she is the second oldest Bond girl in the history of the films. Pussy is played by Honor Blackman.

[edit] Films

In the lead up to the film producers were thinking of censoring Pussy Galore and changing it to Kitty Galore. This was scrapped after local newspapers began to call Honor Blackman "Pussy". Pussy is first seen in the film after Bond is shoot by a tranquilizer in Goldfinger's jet. She claims that she is a damn good pilot and flies them both to safety. She then catches him eavesdropping on Goldfinger and herself and knocks him out, turning him into Goldfinger. Bond then seduces her and she helps him switch the deadly gas with a harmless one, allowing Bond to escape from death once again. Galore is then manipulated into hijacking the Presidents plane and killing Bond. Bond convinces her to stop and saves them both from death, they then proceed to make love under the parachute, despite Pussy being a lesbian.

[edit] Games

Pussy is featured as a playable character in many multiplayer sections of the James Bond game series. She also features in a few missions and cut-scenes, although despite being a popular Bond girl she has never been featured in a Bond game.

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