Portrayed By:Desmond Llewelyn

Q is the head of Q-Branch at MI6. Q (which is short for Quartermaster) is an expert in tinkering with virtually everything, and because of it he can turn virtually anything into a weapon, Q has created many Gadgets for all MI6 agents (Bond in particular). Though, in almost every mission Bond has been on he really wishes for Bond to bring back some of his own equipment that is not damaged or destroyed.

[edit] Retirement

During the course of The World Is Not Enough, the movie reveals that due to old age, Q is training a replacement portrayed by John Cleese, who Bond jokingly refers to as R, as that is the letter after Q.

[edit] Trivia

  • Desmond Llewelyn has appeared in the most movies, while playing Q, appearing in 16 of the movies.
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