The International terrorist who's name is actually Victor Zokas. Renard was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Electra King and asked for over 3 million pounds (5 Million Dollars) of her father's money for his daughter's life. But somehow, Electra escaped before one of M's agents performed his mission to kill Renard and rescue Electra. The agent met up with Renard in Syria and shot Renard in the head, for reasons unknown Renard survived and even killed the doctors who tryed to remove the bullet from his head, the bullet was still moving in his head killing off most of his senses, (even the ability to feel pain). Then, as Bond becomes involved in Renard's schemes. Renard tries to secretly include Boond in his plans to dispose of Electra's father "Sir" Robert King, as Bond delivered his money from Spain, which was actually a case of explosives that kills Robert with the metals of his lapel pin. Then Renard meets with Bond in Kazakhstan, where Renard was steeling a live nuclear bomb out of an underground silo. Renard escapes with the bomb and meets up with Electra King in Istanbul. Renard was actually helping Elektra take over not just her family's oil business but the entire oil industry in Asia. Renard's intentions are to use the nuclear payload and load it onto a Victor-3 class submarine that will destroy Istanbul and contaminate the black sea nearby, limiting to just one way to deliver oil from the Caspian Sea, which is the King Pipline to the South. However, Bond along with nuclear physiscist, Christmas Jones stopped Renard and he finally died aboard the submarine.

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