Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields
Appears In:Quantum of Solace
Portrayed By:Gemma Arterton


Agent Strawberry Fields is an MI6 field agent in Bolivia in the movie Quantum of Solace sent to persuade Bond to return home to London per M's orders. Fields is swiftly seduced by Bond after moving their covers to a Grand hotel. Originally Field's orders were to pose as missionary teachers and stay at an inconspicuous hotel, but Bond wasn't having it and urged the taxi driver to bring them to the Grand hotel. Bond tells the concierge they are missionary teachers who have won the lottery! Bond and Fields attend the villan Greene's fundraiser with Fields ending up helping Bond and Camille escape the scene. Spoiler: Fields is found by Bond dead in the hotel suite covered in oil.

Strawberry Fields is cast as a classic Bond girl. She ressembles a 60's girl cast as one of the original Ian Fleming Bond girls, but with a modern flare.

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