The Duel

The Duel
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Systems Featured :Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Master System
Released on:August 14, 1993 (Sega Genesis) - December 30, 1993 (Sega Master System)

[edit] Development and Release

James Bond 007: The Duel, was originally developed for the Sega Master System. It is loosely based on Ian Fleeming's films, the James Bond series. It was both developed and published by Domark in 1993. This game was also the first James Bond game not based on a movie, instead it had a completely original plot. This was also the last James Bond game to be developed or published by Domark.

[edit] Plot

In this game James Bond must fight his way through levels, killing enemies and saving hostages. There are a few boss fights, featuring Jaws and Oddjob, the game finally ends with Bond planting a bomb and blowing the hostage building up.

[edit] Gameplay

The Duel is a side scrolling shooter, in which you use certain buttons to control Bond in a simple manner. One is for ducking, one for jumping, one for shooting and another for reloading and acquiring items. The game is very simple and correct timing of ducking and shooting is all that is required in most situations.

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