The World Is Not Enough

The World Is Not Enough
James BondPierce Brosnan
Release DateNovember 19th 1999
Directed ByMichael Apted
Produced ByMichael G.Wilson

James Bond is on a mission in Spain to retrieve money for a rich oil tycoon named "Sir" Robert King and to find out who killed a MI6 agent who had top secret reports. But, the Bank owner was killed, and Bond escapes to Great Britain, where he met "Sir" Robert King, but then the briefcase of money suddenly explodes, killing King. Bond then chased down a female assassin all over London. Then, at the funeral Bond met Robert King's daughter Elecktra. Despite a dislocated collarbone, Bond was called into action to find a terrorist going by the name "Renard", as they believe that he is aiming to terminate Elecktra. But, what Bond begins to realize is that something is not right as Elecktra's behavior is somewhat strange. This is when Bond goes to Khazakstan to investigate a Nuclear weapon disarming program. Then , his suspicions become apparent as the King oil pipeline was blown up, and M turns up missing. Bond now must stop Renard and Elecktra.

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