The World is Not Enough (Game)

The World Is Not Enough
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Developer:Black Ops Entertainment
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Systems Featured On:Gameboy Color, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2 (cancelled), PC (cancelled)
Released on:September 17, 2000 - November 8, 2000 (Playstation) - September, 17, 2001 (Gameboy Color) - October, 17, 2000


[edit] The World Is Not Enough

Bond comes to us in the game based on the motion picture. Follow the plot through real-time 3D cinematics and exciting clips from the blockbuster movie. Improved precision targeting for your lethal arsenal of more than 20 weapons.

[edit] Features

  1. Fast, fluid action and spy-packed gameplay based on the film's exciting storyline
  2. Progress through eight environments based on movie locales, such as a Russian submarine and the streets of London
  3. Utilize more than 15 Q-lab weapons and gadgets to accomplish your goal
  4. Meet recognizable movie characters such as Dr. Christmas Jones, M and Renard
  5. Five different power-ups, including access cards, health, ammunition, weapons and gadgets

[edit] Missions

Mission 1: Courier

Mission 2: King’s Ransom

Mission 3: Thames Chase

Mission 4: Underground Uprising

Mission 5: Cold Reception

Mission 6: Night Watch

Mission 7: Midnight Departure

Mission 8: Masquerade

Mission 9: City of Walkways I

Mission 10: City of Walkways II

Mission 11: Turncoat

Mission 12: Fallen Angel

Mission 13: A Sinking Feeling

Mission 14: Meltdown

[edit] Weapons

The weapons in this game are based on real life weapons, here are some examples of the weapons in the game.

Meyer TMP

Although this gun does little damage compared to most of the other weapons , it can be a very good weapon as it has really good accuracy and can be helpful when trying to shoot one of your enemies from a longer distance as many other powerful guns have a low accuracy.

Suisse SSR 4000

This is the sniper rifle in the game. It is equipped with a silencer, and can do a lot of damage. As it is a sniper rifle it also has a high accuracy which is great in the game.

Belgique PS100

A high powered automatic weapon, it has great accuracy during close range combat, but less accuracy at medium and long range.

Wolfam P2K

Standard pistol that can be equipped with a silencer. Great for short and medium range attacks and does medium damage.

AR36 Sniper Rifle

Equipped with a scope, this weapon can inflict high damage from great distances and is thus great for covert missions.

[edit] Gadgets

There are many gadgets that Bond has access to in this game, they will be crucial for getting past doors, enemies and of course retrieving information. Here is a list of gadgets and what you can expect from them.

Cell Phone Stunner

Can electrically shock enemies and does not cause any permanent damage.

Flash Bang

Disguised as a flashlight this gadget lets off a bright light, blinding enemies temporairily.

Grappling Watch

A small watch that shoots a grappling hook strong enough to support Bond.

Night Vision Goggles

Googles that allow you to locate and see objects in darkness.

VLF Disruptor

This pen dsirupts electrical fields and is very useful for shutting down machines.

Fingerprint Scanner

Used to copy another's fingerprints in order to obtain acces to off-limits areas.

Credit Card Lockpick

A lockpick disguised as a credit card, can only open some locks.

Telephone Bug

A tiny device used to "bug" telephones.


A tiny camera that allows you you to view otherwise inaccesable places.

Video Camera Rocket Launcher

A rocket launcher disguised as a camera, it has a lock-on ability.

Pen Explosive

A pen that when clicked twice will blast through almost anything.

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