Tomorrow Never Dies (Game)

Tomorrow Never Dies
Developer:Black Ops Entertainment
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Systems Featured On:Playstation
Released on:November 16, 1999

[edit] Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies is a mission-based third-person shooter where you play as British Secret Agent 007, James Bond. Help him save the world from a madman who wants to start World War III. Gameplay features skiing, driving, flying a jet, and shooting. It is based on the film, also called tomorrow never dies, although the game was said to be nothing near what people were expecting after the success of golden eye

New features when released

  1. The newest James Bond adventure only on the PlayStation
  2. Multiple game modes! 3rd-person shooting, skiing and driving
  3. Various combat styles! Tuck-and-roll, stealth, and others
  4. Dozens of classic Bond weapons and gadgets
  5. 10 missions and locations based on the movie
  6. Real time 3-D cinematics reveal an intriguing storyline

[edit] Hype and Release

Tomorrow Never Dies came on the heels of one of the greatest first person shooters, Goldeneye 007. Acclaimed as one of best shooting games on its era, Electronic Arts wanted to try a new approach to the genre, to eliminate comparison between the two games. They eliminated multiplayer completely and turned it towards the third person shooting genre. This decision was met with average reviews and only recieved a 5.9 average rating on GameStats. After this failure a third person title in the Bond franchise was not attempted until 2004.

[edit] Screenshots

Tomorrowneverdies.jpgTomorrowneverdies2.jpg Tomorrowneverdies3.jpgTomorrowneverdies4.jpg Tomorrowneverdies5.jpgTomorrowneverdies6.jpg Tomorrowneverdies7.jpgTomorrowneverdies8.jpg Tomorrowneverdies9.jpgTomorrowneverdies10.jpg

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