Tracy Bond

Contessa Teresa di Vincenzo otherwise known as Tracy. The only daughter of notable organized crime figure, Marc Ang Draco, Draco offers Bond a 1 million pound dowry if he marries Tracy. While not motivated by the money and his true love for Tracy, Bond weds her much to the dismay of his long time "friend" Moneypenny. Tracy, played by veteran actress, Diana Rigg, best known for her role in the Avengers, Diana was tasked with coaching leading man George Lazenby. Lazenby, who was at the time, the highest paid male model in Europe, had never acted before. Dispite mixed reviews, OHMSS remains one of the best regarded Bond films, thanks mostly to Diana Rigg. Trivia: Tracy was again featured in the movie, For Your Eyes Only. She was referenced by Bond visiting her grave in the opening scene.

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