Valentin Dmirtovich Zukovski


Affiliation:KGB (Retired)
Current Status:Killed by Electra King
Appears In:Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough
Portrayed By:Robbis Coltrane

Valentin Dmirtovich Zukovsky was an agent for the Soviet Government (KGB) during the Cold war. He fought James Bond one time, and shot his knee, leading to a limp on his right leg, several years after the Soviet Union fell out of power, Zukovsky became a trader in the black market, selling weapons and information to the highest bidder. In GoldenEye, Bond came to him for help, though still angry at what Bond did to him, he helped Bond regardless.

Some time had passed, and Zukovsky moved up from the black market to the caviar business and running a casino, but he as also doing a special job for Electra King by gathering old russian machinery for her. But when he ran into Bond again, he found out that Electra is trying to have him killed. He helps Bond again, but when he raided Maiden's Tower, he as mortally shot by Electra, with his last breath, he frees Bond.

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